A parser combinator library

(def return (new-parse-position return-value)
  (list new-parse-position return-value))

(def match (f)
  (only (fn (p)
          (let x car.p
            (if (f x)
                 (return cdr.p x))))))

(def alt parsers
  (fn (p)
    (some [_ p] parsers)))

(def seq parsers
  (fn (p)
    ((afn (p parsers a)
       (if parsers
            (iflet (p2 r) (car.parsers p)
              (self p2 cdr.parsers (cons r a)))
            (return p rev.a)))
     p parsers nil)))

(def many (parser)
  (fn (p)
    ((afn (p a)
       (iflet (s2 r) (parser p)
         (self s2 (cons r a))
         (return p rev.a)))
     p nil)))

(def on-result (f parser)
  (fn (p)
    (iflet (p2 r) (parser p)
      (return p2 (f r)))))

(mac with-result (vars parser . body)
  `(on-result (fn (,vars) ,@body)

(mac with-seq (vars-parsers . body)
  (withs (ps (pair vars-parsers)
          vars (map car ps)
          parsers (map cadr ps))
    `(on-result (fn (,vars) ,@body) (seq ,@parsers))))

(def cons-seq (a b)
  (with-seq (r  a
             rs b)
    (cons r rs)))

(def many1 (parser)
  (cons-seq parser
            (many parser)))

(def must (errmsg parser)
  (fn (p)
    (or (parser p)
        (err errmsg))))

(def seqi (i parsers)
  (with-result results (apply seq parsers)
    (results i)))

(def seq1 p (seqi 0 p))

(def seq2 p (seqi 1 p))

(def optional (parser)
  (alt parser
       (fn (p)
         (return p nil))))

(mac forward (parser)
  (w/uniq p
    `(fn (,p) (,parser ,p))))

(def match-is (x)
  (match [is x _]))

(def match-literal (pat val)
  (with (patlist (coerce pat 'cons)
         patlen  len.pat)
    (fn (p)
      (if (begins p patlist)
           (return (nthcdr patlen p) val)))))

(def parse-intersperse (separator parser must-message)
  (optional (cons-seq parser
                      (many (seq2 separator
                                  (must must-message parser))))))

(def skipw (p)
  (mem nonwhite p))

(def skipwhite (parser)
  (fn (p)
    (parser (skipw p))))

(def comma-separated (parser must-message)
  (parse-intersperse (skipwhite:match-is #\,) parser must-message))

I developed this library in conjunction with writing my JSON parser, and for that purpose it is an elegant solution. However I’ve found it unhelpful for parsing other kinds of data, so it is not yet a general purpose library.


This hack depends on arc3.1.

Get this hack

Download parsecomb0.arc.

Or, using the hackinator:

hack \


Same as Arc.

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Twitter: awwx
Email: andrew.wilcox [at]