Andrew Wilcox

Full Stack Engineer

I work with the full software stack, including API integration with external systems, databases, server side code, and front end programming.


With twenty years of programming experience, I am unfazed by:

Code Maintenance

I am well familiar with the challenges of coming up to speed with a new software system and improving, rewriting, and debugging an existing code base:


My goal is consistently clear, useful, and actionable communication.

I proactively seek out the information I need to complete the project, ask questions when I need to ask questions, say “I don’t know” when I don’t know, provide explanations, provide estimates and progress reports, and convey my level of confidence in my estimates and progress reports.

Additional Talent

I’m an independent software consultant represented by 10x Management.

If a project (or a part of project) needs skills that I don’t possess myself, the other talent represented by 10x can likely fulfill the requirement.

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